Below are some answers to common questions about playing Kings Cribbage Online.

Q. When i click play, I see Http error, 404 Not found. What's going on?

A. I have put up a new version. Make sure and refresh your main page and try the play button again.

Q. When i log in, it says "The server is down!", What do I do?

A. There could be 2 causes for this.
#1. I may be updating the Kings Cribbage software so I have taken the server down. Don't worry, it will be back up shortly.
#2. If you consistently see this message everytime, your network could be behind a firewall that doesn't let you access Kings Cribbage.
You will have to use a different network.

Q. When I click on my tiles and drag them around, nothing happens. What's going on?

A. This is a rare bug that I haven't been able to reproduce yet. If this happens to you, please report the problem,
and tell me the circumstances that led up to this issue.

Q. I try and log in but it says the server is running v0.937 and I am using v0.936! What do I do??

A. You will need to refresh the main page. Go to the main home page, right click in the page and choose refresh/reload page.
Then press the play button again. It should load up the new version 0.937.

Q. My game freezes up! What can I do??

A. This is a glitch in the game right now that sometimes happens when you play multiple games back to back and java runs out of memory.
As a temporary solution, when this happens please close your entire internet browser and reload the game.
Your game will be saved, and you can resume it. I will resolve this issue this week.

Q. Kings Cribbage online doesn't fit on my screen, what can I do?

A. Kings Cribbage online requires at least a screen resolution of 1024*768.
Please check the settings on your computer and make sure your resolution is at least this big.
(On Windows XP, right click on your desktop, choose properties, choose the settings tab, look for
screen resolution, switch it to at least 1024*768 or higher)

Q. When I click Play Now, the game comes up but it says, "Your browser is running a very old Java version v1.1..."

A. Please install a newer version of java, found here. Choose the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 download.

If your issue was not found here, please report the problem.