Player of the month exemplifies a player:
  • With a great attitude
  • That takes time out to help other new players at the game
  • That competes against a wide range of players
  • That consistently plays a lot of games over the month
  • That shows skill or large areas of improvement
  • That has patience with the ongoing development of the game!

  • Winner for April, 2009: Gurdszilla
    Gurdszilla was consistently rated #1 in Crib and #1 overall
    at eCribbage this month. He brought in a lot of new players
    to the site and tries out the cribbage variants.

    Winner for March, 2009: Tootsie
    Tootsie became our first ever Queen in traditional crib rating
    this month!

    Winner for February, 2009: Dylan1981
    Since joining in late November, Dylan already has played 2000 games,
    he plays all the variants and has won a bunch of trophies in the

    Winner for January, 2009: Roarman
    Rory is our graphics designer at He has been with
    us since August, 2007 but has recently discovered his game skills.
    In January, Roar hit all time highs 1770 in KC, 1821 in Crib, was ranked
    4th in KC, and 3rd overall at one point. He also won a gold trophy
    and bronze trophy in two tournaments.

    Honorable mention goes to Michelle, Dylan1981, Pluto, and Iamrobot for
    having a great month.

    Winner for December, 2008: Khalldin
    Khalldin has been with us for 4 months and has already played
    over 2500 games at eCribbage! She plays both KC and trad crib
    regularly and is a very nice and polite player. She also
    excelled in the ratings in December getting to mid 1700s in KC
    for the first time ever, and into the 1900s in trad crib.
    She is a solid princess in the ratings now, congrats to Kari!

    Winner for November, 2008: Ocean1197
    After finishing 2nd in the voting last month, Ocean had another
    really strong month in November. She was online every single day
    and was near all time high princess ratings in both KC and Crib.
    She is a very friendly player and often plays team games with
    everyone. She has also played over 1100 games overall. Congrats!

    Other strong candidates this month were Wopjr1965 who was also
    online every day of the month helping out new users and Nomad
    who hit top10 in both KC and Crib.

    Winner for October, 2008: Bertha Butt
    Laurel has been with us for over a year and has played almost
    1400 games at eCribbage. She plays both traditional Cribbage
    and Kings Cribbage regularly and hit the Lady rating (1800+)
    for the first time in October. Laurel is a strong advocate
    of team games and is a very friendly player.

    Ocean1197 finished a close 2nd in the voting, and IamRobot
    finished a close 3rd. Congrats to all 3 for great months!

    Winner for September, 2008: Ramsey
    It's a bit rare to give out player of the month for
    a relatively new player like Ramsey, but he has had such a solid
    start that there was no doubt this time! In just two months, he
    has played over 900 games, been at #1 in Crib rating, and has
    embraced Kings Cribbage and some of the other variants. He
    has been heavily promoting since he joined and
    has gotten a lot of his Dallas ACC Cribbage Club members to
    check us out. Job well done Ramsey, keep up the good work!

    Winner for August, 2008: MsDear
    MsDear has been with us since Dec, 2007 and has been one
    of our most committed players since then. She had a great
    month in August playing every single day of the month except
    for one day, and she jumped into the #1 cribbage rating for
    a few days and was known as Lady MsDear. In August she just
    recently passed 1000 games played on the site. One of our friendliest
    players, MsDear edged out ColinSharpe, Ray, and IamRobot in our
    first vote for player of the month.

    Winner for July, 2008: RitaEllen
    RitaEllen is one of our friendliest players in the game
    since she joined us 6 months ago. She is online almost
    every day and has played over 1200 games. She is improving
    steadily and she dipped into the princess rating for the first
    time ever in July. Congrats!

    Other strong players this month who were nominated were:
    Magnum44, Dick, Ray, Sybil, and CrashCribbage.
    Keep it going for next month!

    Winner for June, 2008: minky
    Minky gives us our first player of the month winner
    outside of North America. Her and her husband ColinSharpe
    play from the UK and have some serious skills. At one
    point in June, Minky took over the #1 overall rank
    in the game joining only 2 other ladies to ever
    have the #1 rank. Minky is one of the nicest players
    in our community and is always there to play or help
    out the new players. Congrats!

    Iamrobot was also an exceptional player this month
    embracing the new traditional cribbage game and
    leading in games played and wins in trad.

    Winner for May, 2008: collinsamanda
    Amanda has been with us since January this year, and
    already she has piled up the games to jump into top 10
    all time in games played at KC Online. She plays many
    many games every day and is always helpful
    and friendly to play with. Today was an even more
    exceptional month because she broke into the Princess
    rating for the very first time! Good job Amanda!

    Winner for April, 2008: rettar81
    For this month, we switch gears a bit and honor the
    player that has played the most KC group games online!
    Rettar is a very dedicated player and has been with us
    almost a year now. He often plays group games with his
    daughters who constantly give him a hard time even
    though he ends up beating them all the time! :)
    Rettar even jumped up to #4 in group ratings at one point
    this month. He is also always up for a head to head match up
    and is #6 in all time games played online.

    Winner for March, 2008: Mikey316
    Mikey was a man on a mission this month! He played well
    over 450 games this month and dipped into the Lord rating.
    After falling down into the 1500s he battled back with a
    strong finish to the month at the 1700 rating.
    Mikey has been around since September and is always up
    for a friendly game. Look for him in the top10 stats
    sheets soon!
    Psepke was another exceptional player this month.

    Winner for February, 2008: Froggy1973
    Froggy is a relatively new player, but has been very dedicated to
    KC Online since he joined in Mid-December. Since then he has played
    over 450 games and has been a very fun opponent to play.
    He had a great February playing over 150 games and getting to the
    Lord rating for the first time! He also played almost every day of the month.
    We expect him soon to be a regular in the Lord rating!

    Other exceptional players this month were CollinsAmanda and ColinSharpe.

    Winner for January, 2008: Blondie
    Blondie has been one of our most dedicated players in the game since
    she first joined in July, 2007. She has jumped into the top 10 of
    all time games played in KC Online and is a very solid player.
    She is one of our few late night players and you will often find
    her playing late games with Jane at Midnight pacific time..
    Blondie was impressive in January and there were only 2 days
    in the month that she didn't play a game.

    Other nominees for this month were: Froggy1973, Nomad, Barbet33.
    Blondie won out by playing more games :)
    Look out for CollinsAmanda in February.. She has played over 150
    games in her first two weeks!

    Winner for December, 2007: Iamthechamp
    One of our regulars since May, Champ had a stand out month in December.
    She played almost 400 games on her quest to become the first KC Queen!
    She was consistently ranked in the top 3 throughout the month and was
    helpful to new players. She really was the champ this month ;)

    In second place was Nomad who suddenly became a power player this month
    upsetting all the big dogs and getting consistently into the top10.
    He has really figured out the game so watch out for January!

    Winner for November, 2007: Dana
    Dana played a KC online game at least once per day for 14 of the last
    15 days in November. Since joining us in June, he is consistently in
    the top 5 players online and is always around the 1700 rating. After
    an early round loss in the tournament he rallied off 8 straight wins
    to finish 3rd and win a prize!

    Other exceptional players this month were: Scaggcares who had a
    strong 2nd place in the tournament, Traxter who finished 5th and made
    it to Lord rating for the first time, and CrashCribbage who has been playing
    online almost everyday while being stationed in Iraq!

    Winner for October, 2007: Taism
    Just recently joining us in mid September, Taism has already played 500 games!
    You will find him online often and he has already risen from 900 Serf rating
    to 1600 Knight rating in less than 2 months!

    Honorable mention goes to Jennett1 for taking over the #1 position again
    and Traxter for moving up high in the ratings. Both have performed strong
    in the tournament and have a chance to win.

    Winner for September, 2007: Darby
    Darby has been with us since Day 2 of KC Online and has been one of our most
    dedicated players ever since! September was a great month for her, she played a game
    almost every day and rallied off 17 straight wins in the latter part of the month
    and also 21 wins in 22 games. She has embraced the new "speed game" concept and is
    doing well in the scary 30 second games.

    Winner for August, 2007: Perceptive1
    Perceptive1 has been one of our most devoted players since May.
    He plays many games against his buddy scooter all the time, but is always up for a game
    against anybody else online.

    He had a very strong August getting up to Lord rating for the first time and finishing
    the month in the high 1700's.. He has also jumped up into the top 3 of all time games played!

    Runner up this month was Eva who also had a very strong month.
    Honorable mention goes to "iamthechamp" and "ybbihs" for having huge ends of the month after
    not playing much earlier in the month.

    July, 2007: Jane
    Known as one of the most polite users
    in KC Online, Jane has racked up tons of games
    in the last few months, and is working her way
    up the ratings! If you are a new user and want
    someone fun to play that will help you learn the
    game, play Jane!

    June, 2007: schrizo
    It was an exciting battle for top spot
    in June. We crowned our first King title - phildog
    before he fell back to 1700..
    We also had our first woman in the #1 position - jennett1.
    She held the title for a few days.
    But overall in general schrizo has been a
    dominating presence in the #1 position by
    himself for a very long time. He was also
    the 2nd player in KC history ever to receive
    the King title. Who will become King in July?

    May, 2007: phildog716
    In only a month and a half, Phil has jumped into 2nd in all time games
    played and has been in a constant battle for
    the top spot in the ratings!

    April, 2007: golfgal
    In April, golfgal overtook all of us by far in total number of games
    played. She also worked herself up from Peasanthood
    to Knighthood in only a month!

    March, 2007: Paco
    It was a tight battle for player of the month between Paco and Sally
    with Paco pulling ahead by completing 100 games
    on March 31st!